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In the last 50 years, Hosokawa Polymer Systems has continually evolved and improved our systems and equipment to meet the demands of the recycling market.  Hosokawa Polymer Systems supplies a wide range of recycling equipment from small Press Side granulators to large, multiple stage recycling plants for film, cable and post-consumer materials.

We have continued to raise the bar in recycling and provide our customers a technical advantage in the market.  We are customer driven – we design, engineer, manufacture and provide service to benefit our customers and increase their productivity.  We are dedicated to providing custom solutions, equipment and continued support for the life of your Hosokawa equipment.

History of Hosokawa Polymer Systems
  • 1964 – Hosokawa Polymer Systems (then, Polymer Machinery) was founded
  • 1967 – Polymer Machinery designed the Press Side & the Auger Feed Granulators for the growing plastics industry.
  • 1972 – The Double Angle Cut™ is introduced. This new scissor cutting action was revolutionary & dramatically improved efficiency.
  • 1979 – Polymer Machinery builds the largest Granulator in the US, a 400 HP model with 36" x 74" for Ford. Still grinding strong after 35 years of service & over a 1/4 billion pounds of recycled plastic!
  • 1981 – Amacoil Plastics Machinery is purchased by Polymer Machinery
  • 1984 – A new granulation division, Polymer Systems, is established
  • 1998 – Hosokawa Micron International purchased Polymer Systems to augment its Alpine line of granulators.  This combination now offers the most extensive line of plastics recycling equipment in the world.
  • 1999Fines Separation and Dedusting systems are introduced to address the problem of plastic dust and contamination in recycling.
  • 2002 – HPS manufactures its 25,000th granulator!
  • 2005 – State-of-the-art PVC/TPO reinforced roofing recycling plant is commissioned with an annual capacity of 10 million pounds.
  • 2010 – The PRS Pipe Recycling System is developed for pipe recycling of large diameter corrugated & solid wall piping.
  • 2011 – HPS introduces our Mikro-Crammer for controlled force feeding of low density plastic flake and regrind for the extrusion process.
  • 2012 – One of New England's largest & most innovative turn-key cable recycling plants is designed, manufactured & installed by HPS.
  • 2013 – HPS supplies its new Ecojector Edge Trim Conveying System
  • 2013 – Improved fine grinding of tires to a fine powder introduced during the "K-Show" in Dusseldorf, Germany
  • 2014 – Hosokawa Polymer Systems celebrates 50 years of serving the plastics recycling industry!
Hosokawa Polymer Systems provides a wide range of granulation technologies capable of pilot scale recycling up to full production material recovery.


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Hosokawa Polymer Systems' granulation equipment is American made and comes with our pledge to performance and guaranteed dependability.