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Crammer Refeed

Crammer Refeed

Closed Loop Plastic Crammer/Feeder

Light bulk density materials such as film, flake and foam, all present challenges in recycling. The variation of density between the plastic granule or flake and the feed pellet vary greatly. This inconsistency can cause many problems in the extrusion process. Hosokawa Polymer Systems is a leader in plastic film recycling and we have developed a line of crammer and pre-feed and crammer system solutions to solve this challenge. We offer a crammer system good for densifying light weight plastics, LDPE film, HDPE film, BOPP film, PET flake (water bottles), HDPE flake (milk jugs) and all others. With some results producing over 100% increase in capacity, our plastics Mikro-Crammer exceeds most requirements.

Grooved Throat Film Recycling

We also have a patented re-feeder crammer system excellent for in-line film trim and film recycling. By separating the mixing of the plastic flake and pellets from the crammer we are able to produce a homogeneous mix of plastic pellets and flake which is then torque controlled by our Mikro-Crammer into the extruder. This result is the highest product quality.

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Solutions and Systems

Crammer Refeed - Film

Film Trim Scrap

Our Alpine granulators are bar far the leading choice of large film manufacturers and line suppliers like Dornier and Bruckner. In addition to these proven granulators we design, manufacture and sell edge-trim systems and crammer feeders. With either roll feed granulators or pneumatic venture systems we manage your trim, granulate it and meter it back into the process. Torque control closed loop results in a system with optimum consistency.


HDPE Flake

Our crammer feeder systems have an excellent performance in the densification of light bulky flake regrind for pelletizing. With as much as a 50% increase in extruder capacity, our Crammer feeder can dramatically increase not only your production but your process consistency.