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Messer FolienabfallFilm & Sheet Recycling

When recycling film; BOPP, BOPET, HDPE, LDPE or biodegradable films, the highest demands regarding performance and strength are required of your granulator. Our years of expertise and continued design improvements make us the world leader of film recycling systems. We have supplied thousands of film trim recycling systems, central granulators, film flake silos and fully integrated systems worldwide. Our patented Cross Scissor Cut and our Double Angle Cut technologies produce uniform clean plastic flake.

System Solutions

For sheet, our large heavy duty granulators offer wide feed throats, efficient cutting, increase open screen area and are easy to clean and maintain. Even tough PVC or TPO reinforced roofing recycling, our granulators make an easy job of it. We offer feed roll intake, manual feed, air convey venture feed, air separation hoppers and other customized solutions. From small edge-trim granulators to the world?s largest film granulator at 36? x 10?, Hosokawa Polymer Systems has the right solution for you.


Solutions and Systems

Film Recycling and Granlation

System Solutions

Hosokawa Polymer Systems, in combination with our sister company Hosokawa Alpine are the world leaders in film recycling. To keep up the demands of the BOPP, BOPET and other film production needs we have continually introduced new technologies to the market and made the world?s largest granulators used in the film industry. We are much more then equipment suppliers to this market, we are systems experts with complete solutions to in-house film recycling.

Film - Venturi

Venturi Conveying Edge Trim

Proper management of film edge-trim is critical to ensuring continued production. With line speeds of over 1200 ft/min, any deviation in conveying or granulating this trim can quickly result in film breaks and loss of production. Our venture and Ecojet technologies in combination with our robust Alpine Rotoplex granulators ensure you edge-trim recycling will be efficient and reliable.

Granulated Film Silo

Film Flake Silos

Seeing a need for an efficient way to handle the large volumes of film flake in the recycling process, we have designed our Film Flake Silo FFS. This silo has a live bottom and screw discharge and can be fitted with reverse pulse filters. The complete solution is perfect for storing
film flake and metering it into you pelletizing system..


Crammer Feeding

Pelletizing of light weight flake often requires the use of a crammer or crammer feeder. Hosokawa Polymer Systems has designed a crammer and re-feeder which can be used together or apart to meet the varied film recycling applications. From cramming HDPE milk-jug flake to direct introduction of edge-trim and off spec film, there are hundreds of possible applications.