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Hot Melt Plastic Recycling

For certain applications our Hot melt granulators provide an inline, low cost solution to plastics recycling. Much simpler than an expensive large pelletizing system, our Hotmelt Granulator is ideal for recycling of hot plastic such as FEP, PE and PVC used in the wire and cable manufacture. With a water cooled chamber and rotor and using high volumes of air our Hotmelt Granulator can recycle plastic up to 600ยบ F. The granulator is low profile and can fit under extruder and accept extrudate of PVC, PE or FEP directly from the die.





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Hot Melt Granulators

Hot Melt

Our hot melt granulators can process materials that are hundreds of degrees and molten. By water and air cooling we can take this extricate from an extruder die and process it into smaller useable regrind. (Not all materials lend themselves to this process ? contact our office for more information).

Hot Melt Granulator

Wire and Cable

Recycling of insulation such as PVC and PE for the wire and cable industry is accomplished with our Hot Melt granulator systems. Direct extruder bleeding of flowing plastic into our HMG88, HGM1010 or even our HMG1627 help these processors reuse this valuable materials and lower overall processing costs.