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Plastic Bottles for Recycling

General Plastics Recycling

Recycling of plastic waste, post-consumer or post-industrial requires the strongest and highest quality equipment. Granulators used in this field must be rugged and heavy duty to withstand not just the plastic processing but the dirt and abuse which can come from these plastic streams. PET and HDPE plastic recycling of washed bottles requires highly efficient granulating and large robust granulators. Our Rotoplex and Heavy Duty line of granulators offer exactly this. In addition they are extremely easy to access for cleanout and maintenance which is a necessity in this market. Complete plastic washing lines require a world leading granulator as a key component, which Hosokawa Polymer Systems specializes in.




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Solutions and Systems

PET Plastic Recycling

PET Bottles

We have excellent recycling solutions for both post-industrial and post-consumer PET bottle recycling. With wear resistant stellite protection, rotors with 5, 7, 9 and 10 rows, ability for wet grinding, we can provide the right PET recycling granulator for you.



We can supply solutions for post-consumer Geomembrane and other films. Tight knife tolerances and wear protection are a must for these applications.

Crammer Refeed


While our crammer feeder was developed for the film industry, we have recently supplied a few system into the PET and HDPE pelletizing markets to densify the thin gauge flake at the feed throat of the extruder. We have seen an increase of 30%-50% capacity and much more consistent extruder loading as a result of this simply torque controlled, closed loop densifier.