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DGD - Heavy Duty Twin Shaft Shredder

Our DGD series twin shaft shredders are designed and built for some of the most challenging recycling applications out there. The rugged design, replaceable wear protection and extremely high torque rotors all result in high pre-shredding throughputs. This shredder is a workhorse and has proven itself by standing up to demanding recycling applications and environments such as appliance pre-shredding, tire recycling, waste paper and plastics shredding and various other rubber and electronics applications. The chamber is protected by wear plates and the replaceable cutters are made of wear resistant steel to fit the application.

Item Unit DGD1000 DGD1500 DGD2000
Feeding Size mm 1030x640 1530x940 2030x1500
Rotor Diameter mm 330 500 800
Rotary Speed rpm 11.6~12.9 11.6~12.9 9.1~10.4
Motor Power kw 2x18.5 2x37 2x75
Rotor knife pcs 60 90 150
Mechanical Size mm 3500x1900x2000 5000x2300x2250 7000x3200x4000
Machine Dimension Length A mm 2000 2500 3600
Length B mm 2000 2240 4000
Width C mm 700 920 1500
Length D mm 3500 4860 7000
Length E mm 1500 1910 3000
Length F mm 640 940 1500
Length G mm 1900 2265 3200
Length H mm 1030 1530 2030
Length I mm 640 940 1530