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DGR- Large Diameter Pipe Single Shaft Shredder

Our DGR series plastic pipe shredders are specifically designed to meet the complex and high throughput applications of the vast plastic pipe recycling markets. These shredders have a high versatility and throughput capability. This plastic pipe recycling system can handle solid wall and corrugated pipe up to 20 feet long. Different models can be used for different size pipe. From small plastic pipe to 48" pressure pipe, our DGR can handle capacities over 5,000 pph. It is also possible to shred many different types and sizes of pipe with these plastic pipe shredders. We utilize a PLC to control to shredder and tie the capacity into the downstream granulator for optimum efficiency. This rugged shredder has been proven to continually produce high output capacity and stand up to punishing plastic pipe recycling applications. Eliminate chain sawing, reduce manpower and produce better regrind with our DGM plastic pipe shredding system.

Item Unit DGR800 DGR1000 DGR1500
Feeding Size mm 3860x700 6700x870 6700x1300
Rotor Diameter mm 800 980 1430
Rotary Speed rpm 40 36 23
Motor Power kw 2x37 2x45 2x55
Rotor knife pcs 60 108 204
Stator knife pcs 3 4 5
Pusher power kw 11 15 15
Screen Size mm 11 20 25
Shredding Chamber size mm 3500x630 6000x800 6000x1200
Machine Dimension Length A mm 7700 11900 12200
Length B mm 1420 1540 1800
Length C mm 5060 8100 8100
Height D mm 3860 6700 6700
Height E mm 1730 1840 2320
Height F mm 2550 2970 3360
Width G mm 2570 2660 3150
Width H mm 975 1070 1070
Width I mm 590 590 590