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Dust Separation

Dedusted Materials

Dust/Fines Removal

Clean plastic regrind is essential for many materials and in many applications. Materials such as PET, PC, Acrylic, Nylon, HIPS, HDPE and others can produce fine dust during the granulating and recycling process. This plastic dust can clog filters, bridge over extruder throats, cause burn marks, dimples and other part defects. Hosokawa Polymer Systems makes many types of fines separation and dust separation equipment to remove this plastic dust, fines and streamers from your regrind to ensure higher part quality.

Dedusting Solutions

Our plastic dedusting system and plastics fines separation systems make processing automotive lenses, polycarbonate or PET water bottles and acrylic sheet much more productive. Recycling of blow molding usually benefits greatly from plastics granule dedusting. The hot temperature of the flash, parisons and parts and materials – HDPE, PVC, LDPE usually cause more plastic fines and streamers which should be dedusted or separated from the regrind to improve your process. Hosokawa Polymer Systems has the equipment and experience to solve all these needs.

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Solutions and Systems

Dedusting System


Recycling of HDPE, whether hot blow molding flash or cold parts and pipe can lead to dust and streamer/angle hair. Our unique and efficient dedusting equipment easily removes these processing problems to ensure the highest quality plastic regrind. We design fine removal systems from 500 pounds to 10,000 pound per hour. Demanding applications like automotive gas tank production require clean regrind. Our dedusting equipment and integrated systems are ideal for your process and producing clean plastic regrind. For larger scale 24/7 operations we can provide a self-cleaning plastic fines bag house.

Dedusting Preforms

Preforms PET Bottles

For post-industrial PET recycling it is necessary to remove the fine dust that grinding preforms and bottle can cause. From 500 pounds per hour to 5000 pounds per hour we can build the right dedusting system for your needs to eliminate reject parts from fine dust.


Plastic Pellets

Some applications cannot tolerate the fine dust often found in virgin plastic pellets. Weather made at the supplier or generated during shipment, this plastic dust can greatly increase your part rejection rate. Our dedusting systems can remove this plastic dust at the silo or pneumatic transport before it ends up at your injection press or extruder.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

General Dedusting

Hosokawa Polymer Systems has designed, manufactured and sold hundreds of dedusting systems from simple fine dust removal to complex multistage systems for removal of polyester scrim from PVC and TPO reinforced roofing sheet. We have the design and expertize to improve your quality and efficiency through removal of fine plastic dust, fines and streamers.