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Blow molding applications have their own unique requirements. Hot materials like HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, thick tails, trim or parisons, large voluminous parts, dust and angles hair all represent challenges to the plastics blow molding manufacturer. We have years of expertise in providing solutions for all these problems. Our Double Angle Cut and patented Cross Scissor Cut are two of the best granulator cutting technologies available today. Both have tight knife gaps and provide excellent shear producing high quality plastic regrind. They also help keep the heat of grinding to a minimum and your plastic regrind cool. Our tangential feed granulators are a perfect fit for large bulky plastic parts such as bottles, containers, 55 gal drums, gas tanks, toys, etc.

Systems Solutions

We offer many types of complete recycling systems to meet your needs. We design and supply efficient venture conveying systems for bottles, tails, tops, moils. We provide complex belt conveying with cooling fans, metal detectors and metal separators. Our dedusting systems are all designed to meet your applications and remove plastic fines and angle hair for the highest quality plastic regrind From our compact 5 hp granulator to a complex million dollar recycling system.

Interested in Blow Molding?

Our Double Angle Cut and patented Cross Scissor Cut are two of the best granulator cutting technologies available today.

Solutions and Systems

Automotive Gas Tanks

Recycling large automotive gas tanks and hot flash from this blow molding application can be difficult. You need a strong, robust granulator and specialized evacuations system to handle the heat. Hosokawa Polymer Systems provides all this as well as optional conveyor feed with high temperature belting and our dedusting systems to ensure the highest quality regrind. Our granulator are heavily relied for their quality and ability to run 24/7 on this demanding application.

Venturi Conveying Bottles, Tops & Tails

A unique solution to conveying tops, tails or moils is our venture air conveying system. With this system you can free up floor space and efficiently convey parts and flash to our granulator. Our venture systems are sound enclosed to minimize plant noise and provide to proper cooling and air volume. The plastics regrind our produced by our Double Angle Cut granulator rotor is superior and consistent.

Dedusting Fines Separation

When granulating and pneumatically transferring hot flash, parts and regrind it is common to see dust, fines and angle hair in the process. Our dedusting systems address this by removing these problematic issues, easily and efficiently. Plastic fines and angle hair removal can be critical to producing defect free parts from plastic regrind.

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