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Copper Wire Chopping Systems

Hosokawa Polymer Systems offers complete solutions for your wire and cable recycling needs. Our granulators are perfect for copper and aluminum wire chopping. Using the best separation tables and other equipment as our shredders, air separation systems and screeners, we can provide you the best wire and cable recycling solution. Cable management is a critical concern with the price of copper wire. We offer a patented process which increases copper yields and greatly improves fine copper wire recovery and improves your cable management. Hosokawa Polymer Systems has wire chopping lines cable chopping installations worldwide processing from 300 pph to 5 tons per hour.

Interested in Copper Wire Chopping Systems?

Hosokawa Polymer Systems offers complete solutions for your wire and cable recycling needs.

Solutions and Systems


The need for large robust preshredders in the wire and cable recycling industry is met with our UZ and LHS line of preshredders and secondary shredders. We can take your unmanageable copper wire piles and shed them into perfect size feed for final wire recycling processes. All our equipment is wear resistant and designed and build for the difficulties of the cable recycling market.

System Solution

Our complete, heavy duty systems solutions can take your wire and cable scrap and return the valuable copper and aluminum metals your desire. From prechoppers and shredders through wire chopping machines(granulators) to final separation using dedusting and separations tables, our proven solutions are the most durable and efficient choice for wire and cable recycling.

Fine Wire

Hosokawa Polymer Systems has patented a process for maximizing the yield of wire copper wire recycling. Our heavy duty industrial equipment can be used to not only further remove wire insulation, but also density the copper wire which improves the separation yield and puts more money in your pocket.

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