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Plastic Pipe Recycling can be one of the hardest applications in the industry. Engineered materials such as HDPE 80 and HDPE 100 being used to make large pipe diameter with wall thicknesses of 3-4 or more present a great difficulty to recycle. Enormous power requirements are the norm for these applications. PVC pipe can be impact modified and filled with abrasives.

Pipe Recycling Solutions

Hosokawa Polymer Systems has many options to meet these tough demands, some conventional and reliable, some revolutionary. Our granulators, shredders and pulverizers are all rugged, heavy duty recycling machines to make your job easier. Imagine being able to recycle a HDPE 100 pipe 48 diameter, DR17, 20 long without chain saws. Now image doing this using a 30 hp machine, at 4000 pounds per hour. Impossible? Not any more. Our PRS pipe recycling system turns pipe recycling on its head. This is just one of the many advancements which Hosokawa Polymer Systems bring you.

Interested in Pipe Recycling?

Plastic Pipe Recycling can be one of the hardest applications in the industry.

Solutions and Systems

Pipe Granulator

Recycling of pipe can present many challenges. Hosokawa Polymer Systems has a vast array of granulators to tackle all you plastic pipe recycling needs. Whether processing PVC, PP or HDPE pipe we have special pipe feed granulators to turn your off spec pipe back into useable regrind.

PRS Granulator

Until now, recycling of pressure pipe and large diameter plastic pipe has been very difficult and demanded high energy consumption. Our PRS can recycle pipe from 8 to 72 diameter and up to 4 thick walls. Our revolutionary PRS only uses a 30 HP rotor motor and its cutting technology produces over 4000 pounds per hour of dust free perfect shreds for feeding into our granulators.

Coffin Shredder

For pipe recycling of multiple pipe sizes and diameters, we offer our large ram style, coffin shredder. This shredder can handle a mix of short, long and diameters up to 48 pipe all at once. Just feed the long trough and start the automation process. Our Coffin shredder does the rest.

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