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Recycling Plastic Injection Molded Parts/Runners

Hosokawa Polymer Systems makes one of the most versatile and reliable Press Side granulators available. Our engineering team has worked with hundreds of customers to design a compact, rugged, reliable, high precision granulator that consistently delivers high quality plastic regrind.

Granulator Features

Our Double Angle Cut technology is the foundation that all other granulator companies have tried to imitate. The tight knife gap and high shear of this design produces the best quality plastic regrind with a uniform granule size and with low dust and fines. The granulator open rotor design promotes cooling, has incredibly high inertial force and allows for easy clean out and maintenance.

Our MPM hopper construction is great for sound attenuation. For added noise abatement we offer our Silenator sound enclosure. Welded steel construction, heavy duty external bearings, premium energy efficient motors all made in the USA make our granulators your best solution for press side plastic recycling. We offer granulator from 2 100 HP to help you recycle your plastic scrap from runners to large automotive bumpers and every plastic in between.

Interested in Injection Molding?

Hosokawa Polymer Systems makes one of the most versatile and reliable Press Side granulators available.

Solutions and Systems

Robotic Feed

Automation is easy with our top robotic or combination feed hopper. Whether using a spru picker or robot the granulation result is the same – no operator needed. Our Press Side granulators are designed with ideal features for tight space requirements and efficient regrind quality.

Auger Feed Granulators

Mutlicavity injection molding applications often use large runner systems. Our auger feed granulators keep up with your cycle times and automatically convey the runner into the granulator using minimal floor space and power.

Automotive Bumpers

Injection molded large parts are no problem with our Shurfeed Granulators. Even large truck bumpers can be recycled efficiently and easily. Whether using a conveyor or feeding by hand, our Shurfeed Granulators are up to the task.

Conveyor Feed

Automation of press side plastics recycling is easy with our conveyor feed granulators. Whether feeding runners, blow molding flash or rejects parts, we can offer the best solution including metal detection and magnetic rollers for tramp rejection.

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