DGH- Heavy Duty Granulator

Our DGH series heavy duty granulators are extremely robust machines designed and built for the toughest plastics recycling applications. The grinding chamber is a weldment of high grade thick steel plate and is precision machined. Our screens are thicker than most competitors and we always use solid margins for increased strength. The rotors are all made to ensure long life and to take the demanding loading from tough recycling applications. We utilize an efficient “V” or chevron cutting technology to ensure high throughputs and clean cutting with tight knife gaps. Every rotor is dynamically balanced. We also incorporated a deflection bar (third bed knife) to improve the overall performance and reduce shock loading and wear. We use large tapered rolling bearing for the rotor to ensure alignment and long life. A hydraulic system is used to open the close the chamber and screen cradle which makes maintenance and inspection a breeze.

The DGH series, heavy duty granulator is used for many demanding applications such as; PVC and HDPE pipe, PET, thick sheet, film, post-consumer plastics, large curbside garbage cans, plastic purgings and wire and cable recycling. This machine is built to perform and last for many years.


Item Unit DGH350/500 DGH500/600 DGH600/800 DGH500/1000
Rotor Diameter mm 350 500 600 500
Rotor With mm 500 600 800 1000
Rotor Knife pcs 3 x2/5×2 3 x2/5×2 5 x2/7×2 3 x2/5×2
Stator Knife row 3-Feb 3-Feb 3-Feb 3-Feb
Crush Chamber Size mm 516 x460 636 x590 790 x695 985 x590
Motor Power KW 22-30 37-55 55-90 55-90
Machine   Dimension Length A mm 1800 2080 2300 2230
Length B mm 1600 1850 2100 2000
Width C mm 1250 1530 1850 1950
Width D mm 770 940 1120 1350
Height E mm 2500 2620 3000 2860
Item Unit DGH700/1000 DGH800/1200 DGH800/1600 DGH800/2000
Rotor Diameter mm 700 800 800 800
Rotor With mm 1000 1200 1600 2000
Rotor Knife pcs 7 x2/9×2 7 x2/9×2 7×4/9×4 7×4/9×4
Stator Knife row 3-Feb 3-Feb 3-Feb 3-Feb
Crush Chamber Size mm 985 x800 1150 x915 1570 x915 1960 x915
Motor Power KW 90-132 110-160 132-200 160-200 x2
Machine   Dimension Length A mm 2800 3100 3140 2740
Length B mm 2500 2800 2800 2600
Width C mm 2060 2360 2800 3460
Width D mm 1290 1530 1960 2250
Height E mm 3420 3820 4250 4775
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