Polymer Systems 50th Anniversary

This summer marks the 50th year anniversary for Hosokawa Polymer Systems, who has shown that with ingenuity, determination and service an ever-lasting business is possible. Since the day the company was founded we have maintained a strong, innovative and adaptable business model. In 1964, the company began with the intention to support the fast and ever growing plastic industry, an industry that was crucial to the industrial markets of the world. Just 3 years after opening, we developed our Press Side Granulators and shortly after that our revolutionary Double Angle Cut rotor design which revolutionized the recycling of plastics throughout the world. Our everlasting success at has been obtained through hard work, dedicated employees and with continual improvements and innovations. It is only with consistent hard work, dedication to customers, creativity and determination that a company can continue to engineer and provide service for 5 full decades.

Over these years, Hosokawa Polymer Systems had to expand its equipment offerings to a number of different markets. Our innovations such as; hot melt granulators, pipe shredders and de-dusting systems, all were designed to provide a maximum benefit to our customers. Hot Melt Granulators were developed for inline, low cost recycling of hot plastic materials. Our pipe recycling shredders can process full sticks of HDPE pressure pipe and are the most energy efficient machine available on the market. Our De-dusting equipment is capable of removing over 99% of all undesirable plastic dust from pellets or regrind. We are one of the few equipment suppliers who fully understand, engineer and provide complete systems solutions.

Expansion occasionally comes with a price, but we have extended our equipment line with no sacrifice to quality or service. In fact in 2002, we manufactured our 25,000th granulator. This type of expansion has made great achievements possible, internally and externally. In 2005, HPS commissioned a PVC roofing recycling plant with an annual capacity of 10 million pounds. One of the largest pipe manufacturers in the world installed our PRS 1800 for the recycling of triple wall PP at rates over 3,000 pph with a 30 HP rotor shredder. In 2012, one of the largest, most innovative wire and cable recycling plants in New England was designed, manufactured and installed by HPS. These are only some of the many great achievements that Hosokawa Polymer Systems has had the pleasure of triumphing in the last few decades.

Success in the recycling and plastics industries requires a strong pledge for performance and dependability. HPS and our employees make this pledge every day.

This year we celebrate the successes and accomplishments of Hosokawa Polymer Systems for 50 long years of dedication.

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